No More Excuses For Last Minute Shoppers, the Dodge Charger's Got Your Back

As if the month of December didn't stress people out enough, add the anxiety from trying to parallel park or fit into the last parking spot at the mall during rush hour into the mix as you try to accomplish your gift list. Well, we have good news. No, our team at Georgia Chrysler Dodge-Jeep will not be handling your shopping this year, but we do have something that might make it easier...It's the ParkSense® Rear Park Assist System with Stop and Release with our new Dodge Charger. Check it out here.

Relying ultrasonic sensors and sound-waves, your Dodge Charger identifies objects surrounding the vehicle as it makes its move to park. The ParkSense® system has the ability to warn the driver of a potential collision through the use of a graphic display and audible warnings. It can even tap or completely apply the break if need-be.

Well, it looks like your excuse for skipping the shopping trip this year has set sail. But the good news is, life behind the wheel of the new Dodge Charger is pretty great, if we do say so ourselves. Visit our Dodge dealership in Statesboro today and we'll get you started!

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