Did Flash Gordon Design This Car For Chrysler?

Meet 1940's idea of the "Car of the Future"-- the 1941 Chrysler Thunderbolt

Everything about it screams science fiction. It looks like it could have been pulled from an episode of Flash Gordon.

Despite its anachronistic looks, it really was quite futuristic for its time. This concept car was created by Chrysler to demonstrate the theory of aerodynamic design. The bullet-shaped, minimalist form of the Thunderbolt helped reduce wind drag in a time when other cars were all about bulky front-ends and over-design.

Only 5 Chrysler Thunderbolts were ever built, but if you look at the smooth and simple curves of a modern car, like the Chrysler 200, you can see the influence of aerodynamic design.

So, even though it looked like something out of Buck Rogers-- with all the goofiness of people of the past imagining what the future might be like-- this Chrysler concept may have impacted our future inventory after all.

If you want to see technologically advanced cars from the distant year of two thousand and fifteen, come down to Georgia Chrysler Dodge-Jeep.

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